Rabu, 22 April 2015

3 Tips for a Compound Team Lead and Spread

The teams are built from the members who come from different units and time zones to do project -based work is very rarely have the time to build the trust that has been long regarded as the foundation of a solid team work .

Here is how to manage a team that works with a compact and effective:

1. Talk and listen intensely

Communication is the key, ask questions, admit mistakes, discuss issues and provide fresh ideas. Make sure you understand the knowledge, expertise, ideas and concerns of the members of your team.

2. Integrate a variety of viewpoints

Information and new ideas do not converge automatically. Leaders must identify and incorporate the challenges, opportunities, and solutions so that they are able to understand much better the team.

3. Experimenting with coherent

in an uncertain environment, people tend to analyze too much and just trust. Instead, use a phased approach and set aside time to discuss the progress and fix that while you continue to work.

Source: 3 Tips for a Compound Team Lead and Spread

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